TOXIC! Comic No. 1 March 28, 1991


TOXIC #1 MARCH 28, 1991 / BRITISH UNDERGROUND COMIC / HORROR & SCI-FI / COLOR / Zombies, Maniacs, Hit Men, Supper Humans and…^

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Toxic! Comic No. 1 March 28, 1991 / British Underground Comic / Horror & Sci-Fi / Color / Zombies, Maniacs, Hit Men, Supper Humans and…^

British comics magazine all in full color. Cover art by Kev O’Neill. Edited by Dan Abnett. Independent tales filled with anarchy, anti-heroes, bad language, and violence. “The Hateful Dead,” script by Pat Mills, art by Kev O’Neill; Marshal Law sets about superheroes engaged in a wrestling tournament. Untitled Accident Man story, script by Pat Mills and Tony Skinner, art by Martin Emond; Introduction of an assassin whose speciality is making his hits look like accidents. “Space Cannibals,” script by Pat Mills, art by Mike McMahon; Edward Ross is a mutomaniac, compelled to disobey and resistant to reform, so he’s due to be executed. “Sex Warrior” painted illustration by Will Simpson. “Once Upon A Time In The West,” script by Alan Grant, art by Simon Bisley; A stranger rides into town and causes mayhem. “The Driver” illustration by David Leach. “Go Toxic!” illustration by Kev O’Neill. 36 pages, full color.

Toxic! was the idea of Pat Mills, Kevin O’Neill, Mike McMahon, John Wagner and Alan Grant. The aim was to provide creators an outlet for their work to be published with them retaining the rights and control of their work. This was in contrast to 2000 AD, which Mills had also launched in 1977. Toxic! was to be the main rival of 2000 AD, and would be in full colour throughout (as opposed to 2000 AD, which was still mainly published in black and white).


Toxic! was published by Apocalypse Ltd.


Toxic! was initially dominated by Mills His Marshal Law strip was seen as the flagship title and as a character to perhaps rival Judge Dredd. 


Toxic! upped the levels of violence, bad language and general anarchic tone that Mills had felt was lacking in 2000 AD at the time.




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