Frequently Asked Questions


Do you have a retail store where I can purchase cards?

We do ^not have a retail store, with showcases. We are strictly an online Internet store and sell all of our items online.

Do you negotiate on selling prices listed on the mr-sport.ca website?

Never, Ever. Our products are already discounted to wholesale prices and lower. Since we have been in business here we have never once broken this policy. We offer the same quantity discounts to all of our customers. This way everyone knows they are getting our best price up front and that there is no need to waste your time calling us to negotiate every purchase.

Will my information be sold or shared to other companies?

No, Never.

How can I find out what my cards are worth?

If you are looking for a pricing guide you can check Beckett.com. For vintage cards www.tuffstuff.com for post-1980 cards.

Do you know where I can sell my modern (1970s and newer) baseball card collections?

You could try eBay, but these cards have little to no value – with a few exceptions.

Does MR-SPORT buy sports cards?

No. Those days are over for us. We are now strictly a *Liquidation* store selling off everything from our store closure in 1994.